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Did we already say this? We love our work. That is why we focus on what makes a web site fantastic — great presentation, simple usability and cutting edge technologies. We also like to express our ideas.


DatKat is a DJ, artist and a Brooklynite. She wanted to have a website which attracts agents and companies for booking her for a show. We picked a light and dark clubbish design with amazing light effects. Check this project out


September 11, 2010

Most, if not all developers who read this have at least heard of jQuery, one of the most powerful Javascript libraries out there. Most notably, there are a seemingly infinite number of "plugins" or "packages" that can be downloaded and implemented with almost zero knowledge of coding.

As tempting as it may be to simply use a package deal, a little bit of jQuery knowledge can go a long way. Note that as a Javascript library jQuery isn't really a different language, it's an extension of Javascript that allows you to do essentially the same tasks with significantly less code.


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