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Web Development


MEnimal developed a logo and web site for Robert Domenici's 2010 New York State Senate campaign.

DatKat Webdesign and Development

DatKat is a DJ, artist and a Brooklynite. She wanted to have a website which attracts agents and companies for booking her for a show. We picked a light and dark clubbish design with amazing light effects. Check this project out

Avenue 4 music facebook page design

Design and development for Avenue4music Facebook fan page: Check it out

Capital Region Latino Parade

The Capital Region Latino Parade's (CRLP) president, Vilma Valentin, approached us in need of a web site that was both playful in design and captured the fiery spirit of latin culture. They needed a strategy to expand their online presence and engage the community.

Strategic Response Initiatives

SRI, an Albany-based firm that provides procurement and domestic disaster preparedness training and exercise services, came to Menimal looking for a full redesign and build out of their web site.

Daniela Kostova

Daniela Kostova came to menimal with a common strategic design problem. She was looking for a partner to help refresh the existing web site to a clean, project-focused site that showcased her work and promoted upcoming events.

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