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Capital Region Latino Parade

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Capital Region Latino Parade
Capital Region Latino Parade

The Capital Region Latino Parade's (CRLP) president, Vilma Valentin, approached us in need of a web site that was both playful in design and captured the fiery spirit of latin culture. They needed a strategy to expand their online presence and engage the community.

The Concept

The first step in the design process was research - we had to get familiar with this interesting culture and than create a representation that would honor and compliment CRLP's mission. After a few brainstorming sessions we chose a direction - colorful, playful graphics and catchy copy - and we got to work.

Ability To Grow

At the start of the project, CRLP being a young non-profit organization, had limited resources to allocate to the continual update and maintenance of the web site. We suggested the use of a content management system - to help control the cost. The use of such a system laid the foundation for new features to be added more easily in the future. With little training the CRLP staff were able to take full ownership of content updates.

Reaching Out

Our plan to allow CRLP to reach out in new ways was to expand their presence in the online community through the use of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This connected them with participants, volunteers and sponsors - all at the same time. By utilizing social media, The CRLP's staff could promote anything from fundraisers to the annual parade, all the while keeping an open dialogue with the community