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Daniela Kostova

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Daniela Kostova

Daniela Kostova came to menimal with a common strategic design problem. She was looking for a partner to help refresh the existing web site to a clean, project-focused site that showcased her work and promoted upcoming events.We sat down with Daniela, an interdisciplinary artist, to talk about the project. She explained her needs: “I needed a complete redesign of my current web site. I needed something that would compliment my art and fit the image I have worked to build as an artist."

Menimal advised Daniela to build the site using a content management system to enable easy updates, since the primary function of the new web site was going to be to promote new work and upcoming events. Finally, the site needed to be optimized for natural search and include integration with a web site analytics tool.

Daniela approached us with a fairly aggressive timeline (she was launching a new exhibit and we saw the perfect opportunity to promote the new site) and some big goals for what might on the surface look like a simple redesign project. We took the time to dig deep into the project from the get go.

As with any project, this one wasn’t all smooth sailing. However, considering the timeline and the fact that a large and important part of the project fell right over the holiday break, it went, in Daniela's words, “amazingly well with a site architecture and design agreed to within a few weeks. Development of the site progressed quickly as we finalized our copy and content for each page. A couple of training sessions on Drupal allowed me to produce my own pages and the site launched on time.”